Natalia N Duque The International Conference on Urban Drainage 2021

Natalia N Duque

I am a doctoral student at the Urban Water Management Department under the supervision of Prof. Max Maurer (ETH Z├╝rich) and Lisa Scholten (TU Delft). My experience focuses on the design of urban drainage systems using a deterministic approach to find the cost-optimum solution over a graph modelling framework that represents the network. Currently, I am working on a model that can generate possible transition paths (TP) from current centralised urban drainage systems towards hybrid or decentralised systems. The transition paths describe chronological and spatial systematic changes to the technical infrastructure based on structural and operational drivers. These adaptation measures need to ensure that the system will be capable to reach future requirements for the urban water infrastructure that are influenced by internal and external factors (e.g. population development, climate change, etc).

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