Roldan Valcarce Alejandro The International Conference on Urban Drainage 2021

Roldan Valcarce Alejandro

Alejandro Roldan-Valcarce was born in Marbella, Andalucía (Spain) and completed his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences at University of León, class of 2014. Then he received his master’s degree in Meterology at University Complutense of Madrid, in 2018, developing a master’s thesis focus on the use of Hysplit, an Atmospheric Dispersion Model Simulations in an episode radioactive pollution. In 2019, he joined to the of research of technology of the construction (GITECO) of the Department of Transports at University of Cantabria, where his job was focus on the European project FORESEE: studying the risk associated with the impact of extreme events on transport infrastructures in Europe. In 2020, he got a PhD grant from Spanish Ministry to carry on the project Development of a tool for integration of modelizations for urban environmental detection and decision making for low impact infrastructures planification framed in the project MELODRAIN: characterization of filter sections for intelligent and sustainable management of urban drainage systems in cities.

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